About us

About us
Team building - Shane Rounce
Photo by Shane Rounce

COMPOSIT is a cooperation of specialised companies. Our combined synergy, experience, knowledge, services and network are valuable and helpful for our clients. Our primary focus is on healthcare, financial services and (local) government.

Based on the concept of the Smart Enterprise, we have an integral view on the business and challenges of our clients. Based on our client’s business perspective COMPOSIT co-creates with our clients valuable solutions.

Each member-company of our cooperative is in itself a stand-alone company as well. With a focus on synergy, COMPOSIT cooperative u.a. is well organized through internal regulations, our code of conduct, way of working, intense coordination and communication.


Organizational Quality

Our cooperative provides an agile and adaptable company-structure of members with a focus on long term relationships. Specialist companies can be added if this is desired. According to the challenge, the cooperative determines the division of labor and the specialist member-company that takes the lead. The cooperative members are deeply involved, have decisive influence and take full ownership.

Meeting with a view - photo by Charles Forerunner
Photo by Charles Forerunner

Quality of Labor

Our cooperative provides the engagement of our member-companies and staff when carrying out activities that meet our client’s requirements. Activities are grouped over multiple competences to safeguard creativity and innovation, motivating our member-companies and staff. In addition, our members are deeply involved all together and in the position to extend their view and expertise to adjacent areas of knowledge.

Quality of Relationships

Our cooperative provides the mobilization of our member-companies and staff based on the mutual relationships. For this purpose, the cooperative structure of interdependence is based on mutual trust and the input of effective knowledge and expertise. Working closely together in achieving positive results with our clients ensures reversly also better and more effective relationships.